Back home

...and then the fairytale ended, and I'm back to a normal life in Norway. The last year has had ups and downs, but overall it has been an experience beyond all expectations. I've done things and met people that will have a huge part of my heart and memories for a long long time. I ended it all with a 3 weeks "holiday" in the city that never sleeps. Just to be able to walk the streets of New York without having to think about school or any other responsibilities has been great. I've had the best time with amazing people; partying, enjoying the incredibly hot New York-summer, strolling the streets of West Village, having late dinners, gone to the beach and so much more.

It's again time to say goodbye to a life as a "blogger", I'm glad to have been able to share parts of my life with family and friends. Here are some pictures from the last week in my dear city, trying to sum up the feeling I have inside. (Press the pictures to see them bigger).

New York, I'll be back!!!!

I've been to a champagne-tour atGallery Sand(277 West 4th street) with good friends, partying with Vebjrn Sand and his crazy twinbrother Aune. It was a blast, and their gallery, oh my!!!! Wish I had USD100.000 to be able to buy one of those paintings...

Enjoying New York through flowers, and yet another champagne brunch with Katrine.

Celebrating our Constitution Day, 17th of May, some days ahead, on an amazing rooftop bar viewing East River in one direction, the Empire State Building in the other.

I went to Missoula, Montana, with my aunt to visit relatives. We even met a black bear.. (no kidding!)

They took us to Glacier National Park and showed us the real nature of Montana. So beautiful. We have such a nice family, and we even got to know some "new, crazy ones" :-) Thank you, Dean, Kim and Abby, for making it an adventure!

From high mountains back to New York. To make the transition less, we went on a heli-ride over Manhattan. It was so cool, and really worth it!!

I've enjoyed New York skyline from great rooftops, with a beer in one hand, good friends in the other. Before I, every single night, have said good night to 2nd Avenue and the sound of sirens and cars. (I actually miss falling asleep to all the noise..)

Been tourists to a certain extent. Wall Street!

Went to TAO, my favorite restaurant, on Ragne's last day in the city - fellow "Skotselving". Small world, huh? Just across the street you'll find Lavo, I wouldn't miss it..

I've been tanning with the greatest view (almost) possible, and then experienced Coney Island on Memorial Day (national holiday).

And yet again, I've met gorgeous people whom I already miss alot (Chichi and Conrad above).
To the right: Brooklyn Tabernacle(recommended!!!) where we all sang gospel together with a breathtaking choir.
That'sthe American way!!

Happy Mother's day



To prevent that my mom will make herself a Facebook-profile (he he), I will have to post this photo here as well. I received a package in the mail the other, my sister, Mathea, sent me alot of candy for Easter, in an egg, of course. The Norwegian traditions of "celebrating" Easter are some of the best I know. I could have paid quite alot to be up in the mountains right now, eating oranges, candy and lamb, drinking hot chocolate and red wine, and get a nice Easter-tan. Luckily, at least every other day, the sun is shining over here as well, next week is supposed to be quite warm. Good for me that I've got two huge papers due.....

Happy Easter everyone!!

S for..

Spring? I guess all of us jinxed it yesterday, when people wore dresses, shorts and sandals, no jackets and no scarf. It was about 30 degrees, and today it's pouring down and it's colder again..

Well well, this weekend was nice at least, and I spent the Saturday in the city in beautiful weather. To see tulips and magnolia trees flourish is one of the best things to see during these days. And every single year we (or I) forget that if you take of your jacket that sunny day, you'll get sick.... So, I'm trying to stick in there, but I really do not have time for being sick right now.

People enjoying life in Washington Square Park


It's not hard to spot this cool and chic beauty on the streets of New York. As I did a couple of days ago...!! Guess that's what you can call starstrucked.

Taylor Tomasi Hill

Dagens postkort

My Wednesday in the city was pretty much about just enjoying the fact that I'm here! Here are some snapshots..

The place to be: Sockerbit on 89 Christopher street

Lunch at Le Pain


Flower power

Can Zara, H&M or someone else please make something similar to this gorgeous 2000$-jacket by Stella McCartney, one that is slightly cheaper!? Hanneli is to die for, by the way..

(picture from

Standing still..

Today is again time for Earth Hour, the world is standing still and I actually think we all could use an hour without electricity, computers, cell phones and other distractions. Just an hour, in the dark, to think, to appreciate, to miss someone, to care, to be motivated and inspired. We all live on this earth, whether it is in the US, in Norway, in the desert of Africa or the jungles in Asia. Whether we are humans, animals or plants. Whether it is in wealth or poverty, if we are healthy or sick. We all live on, and of, this earth, and we should use this hour to think about how to treat it better..

I wish I was an angel tonight, so I could see the waves of lights and darkness all across the globe.


Thought you might wanted to see some pictures of one out of ten of the nicest beaches in the world. We took the ferry to Culebra Island one day and enjoyed the beautiful Flamenco beach. This was a dream, and the best part was that there weren't a single hotel chain on the entire island. You will only find one hotel on this beach(, except from that, palms, ocean and beach is everything you'll see.

I love that photo of Katrine


Old San Juan

Old San Juan is a must see if you are in the northern area of the island. It's the oldest settlement of mainland Puerto Rico and has beautiful old buildings dating back to when Puerto Rico was under Spanish rule. There are huge walls around almost the entire area; walls that were supposed to defend the port of San Juan. All the history that lies in the colored buildings, the two forts and the cobblestone streets is exeptional. I could have walked around there for days and days.

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