What a joy to be visited by two such nice gentlemen! Katrine's dad and brother, Bjrn and Andreas, is in town, and by following their schedule we've been doing things in the last two days that we haven't even dreamed about doing before 2010 was over. Yesterday, Katrine, Lene and I took the train into the city to meet up with them. Altough it wasn't the plan, I'm glad they both enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather along Bleecker street together with me. As you've seen, we went to the Marc Jacobs store, we even got to enjoy the famous Magnolia Bakery across the street through one of their cupcakes. For those who didn't know, this cupcake bakery became world famous after Carrie and Miranda went there in one of the Sex and the City episodes. It was fun just to have been there, specially since it wasn't a huge line as it usually is. Hence,I've definitely gotten myself a new favorite street, you better try it on an autumn day! The atmosphere and spirit is so peaceful, while it still happens alot here. Stores greater than one another and amazing decorations, buildings and people. When we came down to Soho and Broadway/Lafayetteafter a while, I felt so bad about walking in a line amongst all the other crazy tourists. It's important for everyone to realize that this is not what New York is really about.. Right there and than, it actually disgusted me a little. The fact that it was 'Black Friday' didn't actually make the situation any better. We quickly decided to grab a coffe, and finally we got in contact with Bjrn and Andreas. We split up for half an hour or so, I had to buy an important birthday present for someone, before I again met them at Union Square. I really recommend going there before Christmas, it's on 14th street, and it's a huge market there. Food and decorations and other gift suggestion, lights all over which gave me the feeling of being home in Norway just for a second.

Then, Bjrn's marathon started. We walked up to Flat Iron district and got a nice view on both the Flatiron, the Empire and other huge buildings which still amazes me. The Flatiron is considered one of the first skyscrapers ever built, in the beginning people even thought it would be moved by the wind because it was so tall and narrow. Seems like it survived... Although it was on Bjrn's schedule for Sunday, we all decided to get up in the Empire State Building together. During night it was an amazing experience! To see the city and all areas around from that view, all the lights and all the buildings, was a special feeling. We of course had to go to the top,102nd floor, approximately 380 meters high. For over 40 years it was considered the tallest building in the world (before one of the twin towers of WTC), that's pretty cool if you'll ask me. We called it a day after having a better dinner and some drinks at a restaurant on Fifth.I'm really glad all of us were together today, and I of course appreciate joining Katrine and her family on their journey through all the cool sites in New York. I would have had to do it one day anyways, so why not together with good friends?! More pictures soon..

Katrine as happy as me on Bleecker

Katrine, Lene, me and Andreas, north side of NY in the background

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Nov 30, 2010 kl.6:09 AM

Elsker innleggene dine! Tydelig at vi har hatt en innholdsrik helg! Hjernen min vil ikke at den skal ende, men beina har sagt stopp, s jeg fr hre p de.

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