Georgetown Cupcake

Milk chocolate birtday, Maple, Coconut, Chocolate Hazelnut

Need I say more? Ingvild and I managed to get a quick visit to Georgetown in Washington D.C, a really nice part of the city. Recommended!! Alot of stores, bars and restaurants, cozy buildings and of course Georgetown Cupcakes. The famous cupcakery, with a line. A long one... The man in the frontdoor giving out menus told me that since he had started working there in May, he had never experienced a day without a line in front of that store. Except for when Stevie Wonder parked outside and all the people ran towards him for about 120 seconds. Anyways! We only had half an hour before the bus left, so I grabbed 4 cupcakes which we enjoyed on the bus. Oh my, I have never tasted anything better in my whole life. They were of course better than my own, they even beat Magnolia Bakery big time - never thought I would say that!!

So, if you are in Washington, go to Georgetown 3301 M Street NW. Be sure you have some extra time to stand in line and that your taste buds are co-operating, because these cupcakes are AMAZING! Magical flavors, beautiful decorations and colors, and highest quality ingredients. Just taste the words of valrhona chocolate, madagascar borboun vanilla and european style sweet cream butter...

Jrgen, if you read my blog, I've got a new one for you; cupcake-smile :-)

I was rather happy at this moment on the bus

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Oct 6, 2010 kl.1:55 AM

Hei! Ser ut som du har det kjempefint! Jeg har midterms denne uken, s har utrolig mye lekser! Har ogs hatt en del gjre i det siste, s har ikke blitt s mye tid til skype og pc, men vi fr snakkes s fort s mulig! :) Til helgen hvis det passer? Eller s kan vi ta det nr du er ferdig med midterms'ene dine. Mange klemmer! <3


Oct 6, 2010 kl.6:06 AM

Ja, jeg har ogs prver denne uka, og midterms neste.. Gr i ett! Muligens jeg har en halvtime ledig i helga, ellers m vi ta det neste helg, da har jeg litt bedre tid :) Gleder meg til hre hvordan du har det! Lykke til med midterms. Klem :)


Oct 6, 2010 kl.5:49 PM

Tusen takk, Johanne - det varmer langt inn i hjerterota ;-) Fin blogg - skal foelge med!!


Oct 6, 2010 kl.9:06 PM

Kan jeg f komme p besk:)??


Oct 6, 2010 kl.9:59 PM

Klart du kan, Lotte!! Kom kom kom:) Jeg skriver p engelsk bare for ve meg, det trengs.. Cupcakesene var ubeskrivelig gode!!!

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