Norwegian Festival

Ingvild and I continued our marathon-weekend by going to Central Park Saturday morning. Fransisco, our Brazilian friend, joined us to the Norwegian Festival arranged at the Bandshell area in Central Park (thanks for the tip, tante Ingrid:). They had a Grete Waitz-race (at 8am), Norwegian smoked salmon (in an american way with bagels), vikings, waffles from the Seaman church, Norwegian design by the handsome guys behind Moods of Norway and the coolest happening; Madcon on stage!! Their two new songs were glowing together with the sun (haha) and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it! We had a good time, a little bit homesick for just a second before we went back to reality walking along the skyscrapers, taking the sub to Soho for some shopping. Life is good!


Franscico and I enjoying smoked salmon in bagels :)

Ingvild and Fransisco in beautiful Central Park

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Oct 4, 2010 kl.7:59 PM

Def a great day :) And yeah, glowing with the sun.. lol

Norwegian salmon and Madcon, can you ask for more? <3

Cupcakes og Champagne

Oct 5, 2010 kl.11:06 AM

S utrolig gy :) Godt med litt pfyll av Norge nr man er utenlands!

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