Washington D.C

First of all, sorry for terrible updating the last days! Since Wednesday my life has been a marathon, and I haven't even been to the gym... I will tell you all about it in a second. As you can see (he he), I'm writing in English. For those of you at home who may not like that, tell me and I will maybe change. For those of you who wonder, it's not because I want to be this famous English-writing blogger (I don't even want to be a blogger) or for Americans to understand what I'm writing..., or make you guys confused. Simply because I want to practice my own writing andvocabulary, and I think this is one of many good ways to do it. Hope it's okey for everyone!? (Mathea, do you understand what I'm writing? Hope so, it's good for you practice as well.)

Then to the fun part!! Ingvild and I have been to Washington D.C., the capital of power! We left Thursday evening from New York, after a long morning with a quiz and everything. Think it went well:) The bus-trip to DC was around 4 hours, and it was pouring down, the rain would never stop... Guess we were a really funny sight when we arrived in Washington, with a map, one umbrella each, impossible to get a cab and we had no clue where we were going! I think it was over midnight before we found the hotel, and none of us were in the mood for discussion with the hotel staff about our reservation not being registred. After a while everything was okey, and we had the best night's sleep in over a month (the bed was SO good compared to the one in our apartments), even though we shared a double!

Next morning the sun was shining, and we could really enjoy the city! Without skyscrapers it's a really different atmosphere, and the air was so fresh compared to the city here at home. People were dressed in suits everywhere, looking very important, the streets were clean, even the sub looked really good! We got to see all the "must-sees"; the White House, the U.S Capitol, Washington monument, Lincoln memorial and all the other monuments in the beautiful park. We had been walking around since maybe 8 a.m., and decided to get a nice lunch at Hard Rock Caf. Wish I'd started save Hard Rock t-shirts, it's a little bit too late now... It turned out to be a some shopping as well, Ingvild got almost everything on her "list", and we went a short trip to Georgetown, a really nice part of the city!

Our bus were supposed to leave DC at 7 pm. As everyone could guess, it was late. "No worries" we said, we still have over an hour in New York before our last train leaves for Montclair. What a trip!! After over 5 hours, we watched Manhattan from the bus, the time slowly turning 12.40, and our train had left..... Luckily, Gail, our saving angel and best American in the world, were in the city and we got a ride with her home. THANK YOU! Finally got some sleep around 3 am, knowing that the alarmclock would turn on around 5 hours later. For what, I will tell you soon.

Thanks, Ingvild, for a great marathon together with you. I lve you :*

World War II Monument with Washington Memorial in the background

Both of us in front of the Capitol building

Ingvild and me at Lincoln Memorial, view on the Washington Monument

Happy after a big lunch at Hard Rock Caf


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Cupcakes og Champagne

Oct 4, 2010 kl.9:01 AM

Flotte bilder :) DC <3 Bodde der ett r, kjempefin by ja og likte meg godt der, selv om NYC kanskje er noen hakk mer spennende - hvertfall som turist :)


Oct 4, 2010 kl.1:29 PM

You look like a business women Johanne, interning for congress or what???

tante Ingrid

Oct 4, 2010 kl.5:21 PM

Hello Johanne,

It's ok with english. It's good for our practise too. It seems like you enjoy every moment of your day (and nights too). Nice that you will share your adventure with us. I enjoy looking at your pictures and reading your blog. Tomorrow uncle Morten, Karine and I am leaving for Italy, visiting Mariella. Looking forward to some days in the sun. Lots of love tante Ingrid :-)


Oct 10, 2010 kl.7:54 PM

Ser ut som dere har kost dere med Cafe Latte e.l. Det er bra,det gir energi til studenthjerner:)

Morsomt se alle de flotte bildene og alt du skriver.De er jammen flink!!

Klem fra Sigrid

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