Norwegian kjøttkaker, vafler and Aksel Kolstad

I had been waiting for yesterday to come for quite a while, I think I decided three weeks ago that I had to visit the Norwegian Seamen's church (Sjømannskirken) this Sunday. They were serving homemade, Norwegian kjøttkaker with potatoes, kålstuing and tyttebærsyltetøy. Sorry for the language, but seriously, there is no other words for these things. Norwegian kjøttkaker and thats it! I went with Ingvild and Katrine to the city around 3 pm, we had some delicious cinnabon-rolls on the way, and showed up at the church around 6 pm. Time flies in New York, always a store that you have to drop by! Speaking of it, I actually made my best purchase today; leather gloves with merino wool inside. I was so happy when I found them, since my fingers always turn into ice when the fall shows up.

Anyways, I've never been to a Seamen's church before, and I'll ensure you that this was a good experience. Those who worked there were great, really welcoming to everyone. We met some other Norwegians, although I was busy eating my kjøttkake in brown sauce. For desert it was homemade waffles and 'boller', yummi. I was as full as I've never been, but you can't say no to woldchampion waffles. Although the ones grandmother (farmor, and of course mormor some years ago) make are much better!! Entertainment for the evening was the Norwegian composer and pianist Aksel Kolstad. Never heard of him, but I will definitely have an eye open for this guy. He was funny and a killer on the piano. We were amazed, at least Katrine and I. He promised us free tickets, so most likely we are going to his show/concert/stand up, whatever he wants to call it, next Sunday. He is playing in Carnegie Hall, supposedly the greatest concert venue in New York. Looking forward to it, time to dress up :-)

Altough it was too expensive for my wallet at this moment, this was definitely the best area in the entire church. Ingvild and I bought Smørbukk (caramel) and Grønnsåpe, although our apartments are almost just carpets. We were just longing for that fresh smell :-)

After dinner we had this quiz, Katrine, Ole,  Henrik, a guy named Lars, a girl named Thea and me were a team. Of course we got the highest score, and won a big bag with Daim. Some were happy on their way home.... I should have been crying instead, because Henrik bought me some norwegian milk chocolate when he was home in Norway some weeks ago. I think the diet has to start now, only sweets on Saturdays, just like when we were younger.

For those of you that want to visit the Seamen's church if you are in New York or going later, you will find it on 52 street just between 1st and 2nd Avenue. Take the sub to Lexington Ave and you are only a few blocks away. Remember to try the waffles!!

I am saving these for a special occation! Thank you, Henrik, this will make my day!

Right now I am covered with textbooks, got one test this week and two midterms next week. Will find some time for the cookies&culture tonight, though. Never say no to free dinner and good friends! Have a great week, sweethearts. I miss you!

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Oct 5, 2010 kl.3:27 AM

This brings joy to a Norwegian Seamens Church employees heart! Welcome back any time! Rita :)

Linn - living in NY

Oct 5, 2010 kl.4:25 AM

Hei, ville bare si at bloggen din er kjempe bra! Var ogsaa paa kjoottkaker igaar :) ta gjerne turen innom min blogg om du vil. Staa paa :)

Linn - Living in New York!

Oct 5, 2010 kl.5:25 AM

Takk for søt kommentar :) Kommer til å følge med på bloggen din også, gøy å se hva andre finner på. Ja, vi ses nok flere ganger i sjømannskirken :) Var veldig koselig, var min første gang, men kommer garantert igjen :) Klem


Oct 5, 2010 kl.6:57 AM

Du kan ikke være seriøs Johanne. Hvor mange ganger skal du dytte de sjokkisene opp i trynet på meg? Jeg begynte faktisk å grine nå, for første gang siden jeg kom hit; jeg griner for Freia!

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