The last week has been homecoming week here at Montclair, with today's final event; MSU football game! First of all, don't ask me about homecoming, because I couldn't care less, and when it comes to American football... Let's say that it is not my kind of sport. Ingvild and I went, saw two quarters (half an hour), and we still didn't have a clue on what the game was about. Luckily Gail came and made us understand at least the concept, and it actually turned out to be quite okay to watch. Freshmans drank liquor from water bottles, students had their entire family for visit and everyone were walking around eating hotdogs. It is days like these that make you realize you are actually in America.It is fun though, starting to like it. And Montclair won, of course.

See any nice asses? Out of 60-70 men, I think I saw about 2. Bummer...

Of course we had to buy Montclair t-shirts, supporting our team. Go Red Hawks!!
The sun has still not left us, today was a beautiful day and I got to wear my new Ray Ban's with a gold mirror. Love them!

This weekend has been more or less boring, stuck by my textbooks all day long. I went to New York on Thursday and bought the warmest, nicest down coat ever, with a gorgeous racoon fur hood. Can't wait to show you when winter is on its way! Tomorrow afternoon Katrine and I are going to this concert at Carnegie Hall, with the Norwegian composer Aksel Kolstad. Before that I have some chapters to finish in International Relations and Comparative Politics, to get ready for my midterms next week. Ugh, I always keep reminding myself, no wonder why I am stressed out..

Ingvild and I agreed that we deserved an hour off this evening, we have actually been reading all afternoon except from going to the game. So we watched "Senkveld" and "Skal vi danse" and it was great, so great. I have really missed watching Thomas and Harald joke with celebs, and all the beautiful dancing (from time to time). How I love Norwegian TV-shows!!! By the way, take a look at Ingvild's blog, and you can see photos from yesterday when we made Indian "gryte" from Toro + naan bread, it was delicous. So if anyone have some left-over Toro-bags, unopened of course, feel free to send me. Toodles :*

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Oct 11, 2010 kl.6:51 PM

slutt vr s kresen johanne!!!!!!

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