Carnegie Hall

Yesterday (Sunday) I took a break from all my homework and reading for midterms, and went to New York with my lovely Katrine. We were both excited to see our crazy Norwegian friend, Aksel Kolstad, perform. You may ask why I call him crazy, and I guess I could say that you need to experience him to understand. He presents himself as a composer, a pianist and an unusual comedian, and that combination turns out the be really funny. I promise you, this guy is hilariously funny and he is definitely not just an unusual comedian. He makes jokes between every piece he play, beautiful pieces by the way, and you enjoy his music with the good feeling of a resently finished joke. Congrats, Aksel, you nailed it!

Carnegie Hall is, as I have mentioned before, a great concert venue in New York, Mid-Manhattan. The building from 1891 is furnished with the most beautiful effects; from big red chairs with lion feet to enormous chandeliers in the ceiling. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos inside, although I got one shot of all the amazing crystals with my iPhone.

The concert was pretty amazing, we had a really good time. Aksel in his different Moods of Norway-suits and with Nike sneakers, joking about how his mum breastfeeding him gave him the fascination for tits... He even flex his chest muscles, beet that one! These are just a few glimps of what his performance contains!I especially liked the composion he made for Princess Madeleine of Sweden. It's a long story about those two, but yes, they dated....

Pictures borrowed from Aksel's homepage

As you can see, talented yet crazy...

The location of the afterparty was just one block away, at the Norwegian-owned Rue 57! Great atmosphere and incredibly good food. We had some beers and a really good, healthy burger. Recommended! Katrine's sweet friend from Norway, Linn Therese, joined us the whole night, and we had a great time.

Guess he was quite stoked, Aksel wanted to take a picture with all of his guests.
Katrine from the left, me, Aksel and then two nice girls I met from Denmark (small world), both Development Studies students actually, the one to the left working in the UN in New York... A bit jealous!

Katrine and Linn Therese outside Rue 57, just about to grab a cab...

Picture with Aksel taken from

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Oct 16, 2010 kl.7:47 PM

And this is just the beginning! We're so cultural that we are going to see NYC ballet right? Not much to chose from, the Nutcracker is the only show and it starts in December. Don't really understand the prices. Think it's from 40-135$ but students's for 12$ check it out:

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