A new start...

I've got some complaints on my blogging the last week, and yeah, I know, it's been bad. But you're not actually worldchampions in commenting/writing me either, just as you know.

I've had a depressing week, hopefully I'm heading for a new start this week, beginning with an entire day in New York yesterday. I really needed it. Although I didn't do anything special, it was good to just get some other and better vibes. I met up with Ingvild and her boyfriend Richard, he is here for a visit (so jealous by the way). We spent almost the entire day on Fifth Avenue, not too bad. Had lunch/dinner together at Fridays, where I ate Norwegian salmon, and Ingvild and I did our purchase, longed for quite a time now, which I will show you later. To put in another way, we where in Madison Avenue where all the small, intimate flagship stores of Herms, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Chanel are. They even had Georg Jensen there!! Hey guys, just don't get your hopes up too high..

I met up with the others later that night, went for a couple of drinks on a bar near Times Square. It was Lene, Katrine, Jeremy, Eirik and me, and Ann showed up with her friends from Stavanger. I left to get the last bus back, since I hadn't actually dressed up for a night at Pacha's. Walking back to The Village it started to rain a bit, and I just found out what one of my favorite feelings of all times is.. Imagine you have been walking around all day in your down jacket. Kinda sweety, but still freezing on ears and nose. The sun has set, and you look up in the dark sky and snow crystals are falling in your face, melting on your cheeks which actually are really warm, although you can't feel it. I can't wait for that feeling to come...

I didn't bring my camera yesterday, but I will get a photo from Ingvild and post it here so you can all see how I look like :-)

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