Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

This Sunday we were quite some tourists. We went to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty, both very interesting historical sights. We took the ferry from the Jersey side, the sun was shining and was actually not too cold either. First stop was Ellis Island, the gateway of millions of immigrants during the years of 1892-1954. Millions processed through this island, while poorly 2 % were denied admission and had to prepare themselves for the long journey home. The entrance building on this island was really beautiful, and with all the historical aspects inside I found this visit as very informative and fun. I even found (maybe) my relatives that immigrated from Norway, a man named 'Atle Tarum' had arrived in both 1906 and 1909. Wonder if it is really the brother of my great grandfather. Cool, huh? :)

The entrance hall where all the immigrants arrived

Ingvild outside the entrance building at Ellis Island.

Nice weather, nice view (Lady Liberty) and nice people <3

Eirik and me infront of our beautiful skyline!

Later on we continued to the Liberty Island, to see the pride of the United States. Ingvild had "warned" me, and was right; she wasn't as big as you would think. But still, really beautiful I must say. One kind of get this nostalgic feeling when one see monuments like this. She was given as a gift from France, and is actually made out of almost entirely Norwegian copper. She is 46 meters tall (without the pedestal) and has the best view of all on Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg.

Ingvild, Eirik and Minhye posing in front of Statue of Liberty

Other than this trip, my daily life is still quite boring. On Saturday the gang of five (Ingvild, Ann, Katrine, Lene and myself) went to a steakhouse in Upper Montclair for a late celebration of Ann's birthday. We had a really good time, and great food! Had an "up" today; got almost full score on my midterm in International Relations, and a "down"; the midterm Ingvild and I had today was just stupid... Nothing more to say about that! Either way, I'm trying to get myself out of the Village this weekend, although I have two exams to prepare for and a bunch of papers. Miss you guys, I'm really looking forward to get home for Christmas. Ingvild and I are counting the days, and I know Mathea does as well :):) Toodles!

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Nov 10, 2010 kl.12:29 PM

S nydelig hstvr. Fint at dere fr med dere litt kultur/historie ogs....ikke bare skole eller shopping p Manhatten. Tror ikke dagene vre her hjemme er s veldig mye mer spennende enn det du har.... Gleder oss til jul til du kommer hjem. Her snr det idag:)

klemmer fra Mor

Eli Ragna

Nov 10, 2010 kl.10:08 PM

Kjre Johanne

Virkelig historiebok lese bloggen din Johanne, og engelskundervisning:-)!! Visste at Frihetsstatuen kom fra Frankrike, men ikke at den var lagd av norsk kobber, kuult, er det fra Rros tro? Og at du fant navnet til farfars onkel Atle i registeret over imigranter!! Dette mtte vre en spesiell opplevelse. Det var jo fire fem av de brdrene til din oldefar som "dro over" og som er opphavet til alle familien vi har der n. Det var andre tider det, men mange klarte seg bra.

Masse lykke til eksamenslesingen.

Og gleder meg veldig til se deg hjemme til jul. Som mor skrev er det kommet litt sn, den forsvinner nok, men innen du kommer hper vi det er skifre!

(prvde ringe en dag, prver igjen :-))

klemm fra Eli Ragna


Nov 11, 2010 kl.10:46 PM

N har d p blogglista p bloggen min ;)

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