Next to Normal

FINALLY, MY FIRST Broadway show. My dear Ingvild and I went to seeNext to Normal yesterday, and I was completely overwhelmed - and still am... It was absolutely terrific! I laughed, cried, got goosebumps, all mixed with a great feeling of amazement.

NY Times describes it quite well: "...With an astounding central performance from Alice Ripley as Diana Goodman, a housewife with bipolar disorder, this production assesses the losses that occur when wounded people are anesthetized - and not just by the battery of the pharmaceutical and medical treatments to which Diana is subjected, but by recreational drugs, alcohol and that good old American Virtue, denial with a smile..."

The story is so real and professionally made, it is easy to follow the story and there will be hightlights through the whole show, at least for me. The whole family of 3 is all affected by the loss of the oldest son while he was only 8 months old. He is still alive though, at least in the mother Diana's soul, making the daughter's life difficult to cope while the father really hurts as well but manages to hide it.It may not be a standard feel-good musical, but it has definitely marked me in some way. I really recommend everyone to see it!

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The next couple of hours I'm doing some homework, preparing for the two exams next week, and then I'll be heading to the city with Ingvild. I need to pick up my shoes from shoe repair, maybe drop by a secondhand store and then we'll probably be found in Brooklyn/Williamsburg. At least the sun is still shining, I'm looking forward to another beautiful autumn day.


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Eli Ragna

Nov 15, 2010 kl.6:13 PM

Hei Johanne

skjnner godt dine reaksjoner p dette showet. jeg har sett det i Oslo, og det var noe av det sterkeste jeg har sett ogs, bde innhold og musikk. Det hadde lagd gode norske tekster, og som du skrivet en tung tematikk som var tatt opp slik at den berrt med bde trer og latter. Anbefaler "alle her hjemme" til se den! Men - sikker ganske mye mer spennende se det i New York da!!!

alt godt!

klem eliragna

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