Subway L to Bedford Avenue

Some shots from Williamsburg in Brooklyn today. Ingvild and I spent the day in the city, walking around and enjoying life. We went to the famous vintage store Beacon's Closet and Ingvild got some nice things actually. Guess she was lucky today:) I got my Acne boots back from shoe repair, with a new rubber sole and ready for winter time! I'll consider to bring my other shoes with leather sole there as well, it was quite cheap, only $22. It's probably around 4-500 NOK at home... I also bought a bottle of water, yoghurt with muesli and makeup remover, so no exciting shopping for me today. Probably for the best, I have to start buying Christmas presents soon. Any wishes?

We've had our weekly evening watching Senkveld (hilarious at Camp Senkveld this week), and now I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow is scheduled like this: breakfast, writing notes, work out, writing some more notes, lunch, learn all the notes by hear, dinner, read some more notes, walking a half an hour walk to get some fresh air before reading some more and then go to bed. AND yeah, of course. In the middle of all that I'm skyping with Astrid, Aud Elin and maybe those at home. I may have time for a few more, so let me know:) Here are some of the few pictures I took today, at least you get to see how things look like (not so many photos of me).

This is the real Brooklyn. Like it!


It's already Christmas at Macy's... A little too early for me I think!


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