Happy Thanksgiving!

OKAY, I REGRET saying that I wasn't too excited for this big American holiday tradition. I think I've had one of my best nights here in the U.S,, thanks to Barbara, Sue and the rest of Katrine's lovely family (and of course Laura which drove us there!). Katrine's dad and brother arrived today, so we met up with them in the city, planning to take a yellow cab to their hotel and then go to Sue's place in Jersey City. We quickly decided to go straight there. Although everyone has their day off from work and all stores are closed, it was chaos on Manhattan. We got there on time though, almost, at least on time for the turkey to be done and welcoming us with a delicious smell in Sue's wonderful apartment. It is downtown in Jersey City, just by the shore/harbor, and you'll literally see straight at the Statue of Liberty from her balcony. Perfect view!

We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner; turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and last but not least, pumpkin pie; Barbara's special. Katrine had also made her mom's recipe of a really good apple pie! I've never been so full for a long time, but I really enjoyed it. We watched a traditional, old kind of Christmas movie which was really cute, and after the cakes we played Monopoly. Katja (Katrine's third cousin which is 9 years old) won, of course. We had a good time and I really appreciate to be invited and get to spend this night with such nice people.I didn't take any pictures tonight, but Katrine did and I will get those tomorrow or something:)

This was like an early Christmas Eve for me. We woke up early and helped Laura making something for her family's party, the fire alarm went off so we all got really stressed, we finally got the chance to dress up before we went to Sue's and had this delicious dinner, watching nice movies and playing games. Now I really can't wait to go home and celebrate the real Christmas Eve!!

Tomorrow I'm off to the city, one of my last chances to buy Christmas presents before the final exams begin. It's 'Black Friday' tomorrow, which means it's sale almost all over the place. People are crazy!! In other words, Macy's opens in two hours, at 4 a.m. And no, I'm not going there...


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Nov 26, 2010 kl.8:49 AM

Ribba ligger i fryseboksen klar for julekvelden:) S fint at du har lrt hvordan "real" kalkun skal tilberedes s kan du jo servere oss p nyttrsaftene:)

Gleder meg til du kommer hjem til jul.....ikke lenge til n:)

klemmer fra Mor


Nov 29, 2010 kl.2:53 AM

Hres veldig ut som min Thanksgiving det :) Jeg spiste ogs masse mat, spilte monopol og koste meg masse! Klem<3

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