Katrine and I left early to the city on Saturday, it was freeeezing, but that didn't stop us following tour guide Bjørn's plan for the day. We met up with them at Port Authority and took the sub directly to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Brewery was priority number one, lucky it didn't open until 1pm and we got time for a peek at Beacon's Closet, the most famous vintage store in the whole world. I found a fox fur jacket which was really cool, unfortunately it didn't really fit me, I looked like I had been eating three big macs every day. Anyways, we just crossed the street to get a guided tour inside the Brewery, which was started as late as 1987. It was cool to have been there, and I understand how Americans are getting tired of Bud Light when they compare it with these types of beers. I'm not an experienced beer taster, but I could tell this was better than what I'm used to. Worth a visit (it's free), and the beer is really cheap!

Katrine enjoying a 'Winter' beer, wearing her new sunglasses from Beacon's

We took the subway back and then south to Brooklyn Bridge. Still freezing, but out there it was actually not as windy and the sun warmed. Alot of people, of course, but it's an amazing monument of the link between Manhattan and Brooklyn and real cool constructions. You'll of course picture the moment when Miranda and Steve meet in the middle of this bridge (SATC). It wasn't too bad to spend it with Katrine, I'll admit I rather prefer her actually.. We found a place to eat after a while, a real American football pub I guess you could say. Good food and good beer once again! Next stop was Harlem. This area was so inspiring; people rapping to eachother instead of talking, gospel music from different locations, churches on every single corner and almost no white people. If I had been an artist or a writer I would definitely go here to get my inspiration, that would have been so cool. We should have been there a little earlier, Lenox Avenue was freezing and we literally ran around 10 blocks looking for a coffe place, which we found.. Had a coffe and a real American brownie (we shared, and only finished half of it..) and enjoyed the warmth and good company. Once again, thanks for a great day you guys!!

Romance at Brooklyn Bridge

The Nicolaysen family; thanks for a wonderful day!!

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Nov 30, 2010 kl.6:00 AM

Du er så skjønn du! Jeg møter deg på Brooklyn Bridge når som helst!

PS.: Jeg elsker å dele sånne helger som dette med deg. Når vi kommer hjem må vi ta en dag vi vi kan scrapbooke og mimre sammen. Jenta mi!


Nov 30, 2010 kl.8:55 AM

Hva dere får tid til????!!!!!

Fantastisk mye moro og flott du opplever. Er redd hverdagen her hjemme blir litt grå i forhold. Men en ting kan vi by på som New York ikke har. SNØ! Masse snø kom i helga og nå er det -16°C så bare forbered deg på en kald julefeiring.

Klem fra Mor

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