Christmas presents! At least 80 % check, that isn't too bad for December 3rd. Why is it that I always buy so many presents for my little sister? There better be some (many) good ones under the Christmas tree for me this year!

My second cousin Maren and her father Johnny is here for the weekend, so I met up with them in the city today for lunch. It was really nice to see someone from home, specially since it had been such a long time. We ate at Hard Rock Caf, and I'm still full. Thanks for meeting up with me, I had a really good time!!

Other than that, I just walked up and down Fifth Avenue, and again in West Village and Bleecker street just for the amusement. It was good to take my day off in the city, gave me an extra energy boost for the rest of the weekend's intense reading. Wish me good luck!

Washington Square Park


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lillesster <3

Dec 6, 2010 kl.6:05 PM

Heei :D. Det kan vel vre fordi du er s KJEMPE glad i meg , ikke sant? :P. Jeg gleder meg kjempe masse til du kommer hjem, og slapp av det blir nok noen gaver til deg ( tror jeg :P ).

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