All set!

The time is 4.40 am, and yes, I'm staying up all night. Consider that I have a brother's birthday to celebrate when I come home, the famous "drekkedagsnatta" in Kongsberg the same night, and a whole week with Christmas parties and gatherings, I will try to get on to Norwegian time as quick and easy as possible. So I'm staying up all night and all day, and going to bed at 8 pm when I (hopefully) sit on the plane at Newark. So yeah, I'm skipping one night's sleep... Can already feel it's not good for my body.

Yesterday, Katrine and I had our last day in New York in 2010. It was great, thanks again dear, you make my days!! We finished the very last Christmas presents, before spoiling ourselves with a great manicure and massage. We both decided that we deserved it after these hectic weeks. Then I bought something that I will never regret, which I will keep for the rest of my life and hopefully carry on to my grandchildren. I will show you later! We went on to Little Italy, which is so nice decorated for Christmas. Go there!! We ate pizza at an Italian restaurant, and treated ourselves again with a glas of red wine. Then I made another great buy which will fit perfectly for the cold Norwegian holidays. I didn't take any pictures today, I'll get those Katrine took and show you all.

I'm soon ready to leave, just a few adjustments in my suitcase, and I'm ready to go. My plan for tomorrow is dropping by at the sun spa, getting a pedicure (since it's cheaper in Upper Montclair) and then go to the gym for my last workout here for a while. We have planned at least 3 hours on the airport, so I'll hope we'll be fine and that the weather in Europe wont stop us from coming home. Can't wait now, it will be so good! The Christmas spirit isn't complete without snow, Norwegian food and decorations, and friends and family!

Mama, I'm coming home

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Dec 21, 2010 kl.12:55 PM

Vi teller timer og minutter....:)

Hper inderlig ikke snkaoset rundt omkring delegger hjemreisen din.

maaaaange reiseklemmer fra Mor

(hper du fr med deg alt i kofferten. Vi er alle spendte p hva den inneholder:))


Dec 28, 2010 kl.2:30 AM

Hei kjre, lenge siden jeg har lest bloggen, men s kom jeg p at du sikkert er like opptatt med familie- og vennefester som meg. Jeg gleder meg til romjulslunsj. Skal forresten sende deg bilder jeg, har bare ikke overfrt noen bilder enn. Har ikke en gang pnet datan fr n.

Digg med ferie ass!

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