Bright sun

Its strange how a tiny tiny snow storm can make you so much brighter. I woke up early, before the alarm clock, by the sun shining through my window. Clean and white snow on the ground, what a joy. A breakfast of my dear mother's homemade cracker bread, with my grandmother's homemade jam, made my day. The first week of school has been quite good, all classes seem interesting although there are alot (!!) of work ahead. The main themes are on the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and ethnical groups in politics.

Joined Katrine today in the moment of her life; buying herself a MacBook. It felt good, to see her so excited and happy. Glad to have you back here!! Look how happy she is :)

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Jan 22, 2011 kl.11:54 PM

Takk for at du var der med meg. Gleden blir strre nr man deler'n vettu ;)

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