Catching a tiger!

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. The major highlight was of course the Lissie concert. I mean, I've loved her on spotify, but live... It was absolutely amazing!! So much energy and presence, and her voice.. Let's just say I was humming her songs all the way into dreamland last night. To see an artist live can be either disappointing or blow you away, and Lissie really knew how to make the crowd go crazy. It was packed, and when Katrine started stomping to get her back on stage, the roof almost lifted. I will live and be cherised by this moment the whole week, until next Saturday when Katrine and I are going to see another great artist!!

I must also mention the great finally of the night. We were looking for our way out of Webster Hall (which is incredibly huge), when I by a coincidence saw the name "Horgmo" on th TV-screen in the bar. As an old snowboarder gold digger (hahaha) I had to see the last run, and Katrine and I could jump and scream and celebrate his amazing performance of winning an X-games gold. Congrats!!

I ❤ Lissie


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Jan 29, 2011 kl.7:11 PM

hhhh .. jeg ville vre med, men det hrtes jo kjempe gy ut :D hvem skal dere p konsert med neste uke? ..


Jan 29, 2011 kl.8:13 PM

Det er hemmelig :D Neida, vi sier det hvis tar med dansevideoen nr du kommer hit! Avtale?


Jan 30, 2011 kl.10:21 AM

hehe, ok, hvis jeg husker det :P

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