Before, or after?

"I don't think I've ever drunk Champagne
before breakfast before.
With breakfast on
occasions, but never before, before."
- Breakfast at Tiffany's

I enjoyed a lovely champagne brunch at TRE some weekends ago, together with Katrine and her mother and brother. Highly recommended, Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm at 173 Ludlow Street.
I've had the most amazing week together with my family, I miss you guys already. I will update more from that when I'm through with my busiest midterms-week so far . As we say in Norwegian, bare holde pusten og hoppe i det, and I'll be back on Wednesday when it's all over :*

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Mar 7, 2011 kl.3:36 AM

Det m definitivt gjres igjen. Hva med nr Robert kommer? Lykke til med midterms jenta mi, jeg er kjempestolt av deg!

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