Thanks to our local tourist guide and our mom for a week, Ida, we got to see what Puerto Rico was all about. All the different ethnicities, history and traditions, local food and salsa bars. We went to Piñones a couple of times, a place just outside San Juan, and we got to eat Puerto Rican food with a local charm that you wont find anywhere else. This place is protected by law and it is no civilized settlement there. Mostly Africans of origin lives there (literally on the beach) and they refuse to let big hotels get built. We went to Ida's favorite place where they made all this delicious food; all different kinds of meat, bananas, pies, fresh coconuts and piña colada. Alcapurrias, empanadas and piononos are just to mention a few of all the delicious meals to eat. One could tell the place was popular, we stood in line for almost 45 minutes and it was so worth it! If you ever travel to Puerto Rico, GO THERE!!

Our best and cheapest meal

Straight on the beach


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