Heaven is a place on earth

I've been travelling to alot of beautiful places the last couple of years, all of them special in their own kind of way and with a 'personal' soul. Puerto Rico will definitely be on that list! What a beautiful place. Travelling with 6 amazing girls made it even better. Laurita, Victoria, Giselle, Lene, Ann, Katrine and me lived in Ida's (Victoria's mom) little studio apartment in Isla Verde, Carolina, just outside San Juan. We have been walking miles and miles on beautiful beaches; eating local food and drinking local drinks; exploring Old San Juan which is so so beautiful; driving Ida's car "Candy"; been to concerts with locals, a rain forest and an island outside PR; we have been partying of course; laughed and cried and slept close together; we have seen how generous and kind Puerto Ricans are - the best example is of course Ida which wholeheartedly showed us around; and we have of coursetanned, which always fullfilles my living.

It has been an amazing week, and it really sucks to be back in cold, grey Jersey. Tomorrow it's back to school, and I will try to bring with me all the energy and joy I've had from this trip, when I'm feeling down I'll close my eyes and listen to the sea on Flamenco beach. Luckily I have all the beautiful girls here with me and we will definitely have reunions every single week or so.

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tante Ingrid

Mar 21, 2011 kl.4:25 PM

Er det i Paradis du har vrt? :-) Det ser helt fantastisk ut. Og sammen med gode venner - bedre kan jo nesten ikke bli.


Mar 29, 2011 kl.3:37 PM


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