februar 2011

Ines Oxford

I invested in these, hoping for spring to come a little earlier. And, because I think they're amazingly cool, chic and with an interesting twist of feminine and masculine at the same time. Alexan...

All in..

I was lucky to get to hang out with Katrine, her mum Anne and brother Andreas on Sunday evening. We met up with Barbara, Katja and Sue and had a great food experience at TAO. This Asian inspired re...

K for Katrine

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! <3 Love you no matter how you act or look or behave or not behave... (Photos by Ingvild)

Good morning..

... PUERTO RICO! It is definite! Tickets are bought and we are going. I cannot wait!!!

Back on track

Welcome to my new life. With the motivation from unbelievably good looking Victoria's Secret models, we are now on the right track before the summer. Fruit, vegetables and other healthy food are on...

Alle hjerters dag!

We've learned that Valentine's Day is above every other day here in U.S. I've never been particularly fond of it, not even after I came here. Although, I've realized the last couple of days that it...

Black Pearl

Last week's purchase.Impossible to resist this nail polish from Chanel, just released a couple of weeks ago. From now on I will wearBlack Pearls on my nails!


It's really not much to say. It cannot be described, you just have to see for yourself.. Robyn was absolutely amazing! She literally had a party with herself on stage, and we got to join. So much e...

Dagens postkort

Spotted on Park Avenue: Will Ryman's "The Roses" Today's lunch (visit Macaron caf on Madison Ave) Louis Vuitton goes safari

Speaking of...

I've been dreaming of Spiderman the whole day, after last night. And no, not the one flying over the audience at Foxwoods Theatre, but this one: The picture is taken last year in Indonesia, I mi...

True Whit

Accidentally (he he, you know me) I ran into Barnes & Nobles the other day and Whitney Port's booksigning for her new book True Whit. Wow, that girl is so pretty, even prettier than on TV. Is that ...

Food Mecca

Dean & Deluca is the place to be in New York City when it comes to food shopping. If it wasn't for my low student budget, I could have spent hours and hours and all of my savings in this amazing gr...


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