april 2011


To prevent that my mom will make herself a Facebook-profile (he he), I will have to post this photo here as well. I received a package in the mail the other, my sister, Mathea, sent me alot of cand...

S for..

Spring? I guess all of us jinxed it yesterday, when people wore dresses, shorts and sandals, no jackets and no scarf. It was about 30 degrees, and today it's pouring down and it's colder again.. W...


It's not hard to spot this cool and chic beauty on the streets of New York. As I did a couple of days ago...!! Guess that's what you can call starstrucked. Taylor Tomasi Hill

Dagens postkort

My Wednesday in the city was pretty much about just enjoying the fact that I'm here! Here are some snapshots.. The place to be: Sockerbit on 89 Christopher streetLunch at Le Pain 


21, Kongsberg